About Union Catalog

The National Bibliographic Information Network (NBINet) is a consortium of libraries that includes university libraries, special libraries, public libraries and the National Central Library in Taiwan.

The NBINet Union Catalog system is used for cooperative cataloguing by member libraries in Taiwan. Its bibliographic data can also be accessed over the Internet by users around the world. The database contains more than 11.3 millions bibliographic records with more than 20.4 millions holding records.

Altogether the NBINet Union Catalog provides access to bibliographic records of 10.5 millions book materials and 0.85 million non-book materials from member libraries’ collections. Among these bibliographic records, over 6.4 millions records are Chinese materials.

Users can search the NBINet Union Catalog through WebOPAC, and can also connect to the individual bibliographic database of the cooperative libraries through the hyper links provided on the NBINet website. In addition, the system provides Z39.50 client search for users to access to other library catalogs.

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